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Passion Led Us Here

Relishing the opportunity to develop and deploy technology solutions
Tech is second nature for us, and an integral part of our daily personal & professional lives

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Russ Nixon

Solutions, Network, Wireless Engineer

Wtih 20+ years of experience in IT, Telecom & Carrier Wireless, Russ holds specific education in Aviat, Ubiquiti, Juniper, Cisco, Nokia, and Transport Circuits. Fluent in Linux, his expertise includes open source router adminstration, wireless bridge deployment, enterprise server development & administration, network engineering, licensed & unlicensed microwave, and specific hardware relevant to his focuses.

It brings us great satisfaction to have the opportunity to integrate the latest technical offerings that can help simplify daily living, offer a diverse and colorful perspective of our world, and ultimately assist each of us in the option to use our time for what we value most.

Continuity Through Integrated Connectivity

  • SmartDevice Integration

    Amazon, Google, SmartTV, SmartHome

  • Full Stack Developing

    Custom Scripts, Functions

  • Network Architecture, Admin

    Establishment, Management, Security

  • Web & App Creation

    Development, Assistance, SEO, Testing

  • Hardware & Device Configuration

    PC, Switches & Routers, Mobile

  • Wireless infrastructure Design

    Custom Solutions, Start to FInish

Consistently embracing the power of technology to bring ease and convenience to daily life

Angie Nixon

Developer, Strategist, Project Management

Whether developing for the web, an app, IT support, or management of projects and systems solutions, with more than 2 decades of experience working directly with clients and in the corporate sphere, Angie uses her knowledge and experience to produce results, and elevate those with whom she supports, along the way.

We strive to acquire the skills necessary to employ these advances as soon as they become relevant. It’s a hobby, a passion, and in some instances, an obsession.

   …Because having the freedom to use your time as you choose is everything

Client by client, we're building this service to meet the needs of our community