Meet Angie

Developer, Strategist, Technician

A lifelong passion and pursuit… Angie’s interest in programming and technical architecture began during her freshman year in high school, but her passion for tech started much younger than that.

At age eight, Angie’s family acquired its first computer: a Commodore 64. Within months of it being in their home, she’d exhausted its capabilities, using it to play all sorts of games and messing with it enough to be able to alter and create a few new programs. By high school, she was utilizing a DOSShell interface to conduct research and to virtually reach out to her world. Her freshman year of college was spent in discussions with professors over the future of GUI’s and open architecture OS’s.

Windows 95 released and she took positions with Nextel and HP, in multiple tech supporting roles. Angie found she thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the success of others by providing simple solutions to their daily operations and functionality through powerful software and unified networks. By 2002, her focus led her to a management role of an internal IT support department for 500+ staff.

Then, while working with the original Google beta testing team, she realized the power and universal benefit the internet could offer. Motivated to put web presence access in the hands of everyone, she established a web development and design business in 2003 and has been creating sites and solutions ever since.

At home, Angie combines her passion and expertise to provide a nurturing and creative environment for her children whom she educates independently. A lifelong musician, she relishes opportunities to make music and share it with her students. She works with international students offering support and education as they endeavor to acquire English, and in her spare time, pursues a greater knowledge and understanding of societies, past and present, through the eyes of an anthrpologist.