Meet Russ

Engineering, Network Implementation, Solutions

For the past twenty five years, Russ has consistently indulged his passion for technology. Grabbing his attention while still a child, technology at its core has been a constant companion and inspiration.

Even before the internet as we now know it existed, Russ was active with social connection apps, research and educational portals, music related utilities, and shared library systems.

As a musician, Russ found that he could compose and produce through the functionality his Apple2 offered, as well as meet new friends. He began using early connectivity options in the 80’s, which eventually evolved into an all out obsession with telecom, the wireless industry, and network management.

He’s witnessed the evolution of connectivity unfold both in his professional and personal life. Contributing in the fields of Mobile Network Engineering and Cellular Network Architecture, he has enjoyed being involved on the front lines of the world of mobile telecom. Branching out into his own pursuits, he began providing connectivity solutions for a few people by request, which led to a few more, and eventually the need to establish a consulting firm became evident; Paradigm Connectivity was born.

In his personal life, he tirelessly utilizes technology to improve options for music composition and production, educational resources for his children, conveniences for the home & vehicles, and any other needs that pop up.